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Provide your name address zip code and telephone numbers work and home. Please mail do not fax your complaint form to the Office of the Chief Trial Counsel/Intake State Bar of California 1149 South Hill Street Los Angeles California 90015-2299. You will be notified of our decision in writing. Thank you for your cooperation. The State Bar of California Office of the Chief Trial Counsel Instructions for Filing a Complaint Against a California Attorney Fill out all spaces on the California...
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Hello this is Matthew Hand of extortion letter info comm of the Eloy project and I want to thank you for taking the time to watch this video that I'm going to make that I'm going to talk about was sort of unplanned, and I'm taking this opportunity to do the video simply because today I was doing a series of other videos that I felt really needed to be done and since I'm already dressed up, and I'll rake out the cameras rolling I decided I just go ahead and push forward seeing as it's a know it's pretty rare that I get on the video camera nowadays um the one thing I want to talk about is somewhat of a touchy issue, and it's something that I've sort of talked about on the forums, and it has to do with filing complaints regarding against attorneys now the thing about it is um Eli has evolved over the years obviously I worked with Oscar Michelin and I work with him very closely, and I think we have a very good working relationship I think we have a mutual respect for each other, and you know he can do things that I can't do it has a publisher and being a non-lawyer I can do things that he can't do and one of the things that I'm a big proponent of is that when you're fighting somebody you have to change the rules of the game okay, and I'm going to tell you that I've had personal experience with legal encounters look I've gotten traffic tickets you know in the past okay I've had to deal with evictions with ten you know problem tenants and the line-in, so I had to go to court a number of times now I am also on the internet a number of years I've had to deal with bad book reviews I've had to deal with Eli's made up about me, I've had you know I've dealt with different things and one of the things that I've learned is that when you fight you can't simply say that I'm going to always get a lawyer, or I'm going to throw a lawsuit and things along those lines quote simply because it's unaffordable and there's a limit to how far the court system can do it's slow it has its place, but it's not assault it doesn't anything and fortunately with the Internet we have a power that didn't exist 15 years ago it is a power of communication and so that's one of the reasons why la was started is so that I can communicate with the community and the community can communicate with each other and share information so and one of the things I don't appreciate okay are lawyers that have a big head okay, and they've been able to throw their weight around for years, and they always go around funking people over a lawsuit, and you know what it gets old alright it gets really, ancient, and I'm going to tell you I have a suspicion that many of you don't much care for some of these lawyers tactics especially those of you got extortion letters now um the thing about it is to a certain degree they are doing their jobs okay so let me be clear about that they are doing their jobs okay, and they're doing it based on the client but having said that no one ever forces a lawyer to take a...
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